Buried Utility Line Coverage for Indiana Residents

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Buried Utility Line Coverage for Indiana Residents


What is Buried Utility Line Coverage?

Buried Utility Line Coverage is a specialized insurance policy that protects you from costly repairs to the service lines that connect your home to municipal utilities. These lines include:

  • Water Pipes: Damage to your water supply lines can lead to leaks, flooding, and water damage, requiring immediate attention.
  • Sewer Pipes: Issues with sewer lines can cause backups and blockages, leading to unpleasant and unsanitary conditions.
  • Gas Lines: A damaged gas line poses significant safety risks, including the potential for fires or explosions.
  • Electrical Wiring: Faulty or damaged electrical wiring can result in power outages and pose fire hazards.


Why Do You Need Buried Utility Line Coverage?

Many Indiana homeowners are surprised to learn that they are responsible for the repair and maintenance of buried lines on their property. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not cover these types of repairs, leaving you to handle the costs out-of-pocket. With Buried Utility Line Coverage from Orion180, you can avoid these unexpected expenses and ensure that your home remains safe and functional.

The typical types of damage covered by this home insurance policy endorsement, includes normal wear and tear, rust or corrosion of pipes, environmental factors like tree roots or freezing, and accidental impacts or unforeseen events. However, it excludes damage caused by homeowner negligence, pre-existing conditions before the policy was purchased, and certain types of pipes or materials, such as lead pipes.


Top Benefits of Our Buried Utility Line Coverage

  • Comprehensive Protection: Coverage for a wide range of buried utility lines, including water, sewer, gas, and electrical.
  • Affordable Premiums: Cost-effective coverage options that fit your budget.
  • Quick Response: Access to our network of trusted professionals for fast and efficient repairs.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you’re protected from the financial burden of unexpected repairs.


How Does the Claims Process Work?

  1. Report a Problem: If you experience an issue with a buried service line, contact us immediately to report the problem. Our Claims team is available 24/7 to assist you with your claim.
  2. Assessment and Repair: We will promptly dispatch a qualified professional to your property to assess the damage. The professional will locate the exact position of the damaged line, excavate the affected area safely, and evaluate the extent of the repair needed.
  3. Repair and Restoration: Once the damage is assessed, the professional will carry out the necessary repairs. This includes replacing or repairing the damaged section of the line and ensuring that everything is up to code. After the repair is completed, the area will be restored to its original condition as much as possible.
  4. Coverage: Our policy covers the cost of repairs, including labor, materials, and excavation, up to your policy limits. This means you won’t have to worry about the financial burden of unexpected repairs. You can rest easy knowing that your home and investment are protected.


Get Started Today

Don’t wait until a problem arises. Protect your home and your investment with Buried Utility Line Coverage from Orion180. Contact us today to learn more about our coverage options available for Indiana residents and get a free quote.

Why Choose Orion180?

  • Experience: Years of expertise in providing reliable home insurance solutions.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A commitment to excellent service and customer satisfaction.
  • Customized Coverage: Tailored insurance plans to meet your unique needs.


At Orion180, we’re dedicated to protecting what matters most. Ensure peace of mind and financial protection with our comprehensive Buried Utility Line Coverage. By choosing Orion180, you can be confident that buried service line issues are handled efficiently and professionally.

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