Home Inventory: Kitchen & Dining Checklist


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Home Inventory: Kitchen & Dining Checklist


Here is a list of common kitchen and dining items that you may need to include in your home inventory:

  1. Furniture
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Cabinets
    • Window Treatment
    • Light Fixtures
    • Mirrors
    • Carpet/Rugs
  2. Major Appliances:
    • Refrigerator (standard, French door, side-by-side, or built-in)
    • Freezer (stand-alone freezer or freezer compartment in the refrigerator)
    • Wine cooler or beverage refrigerator (optional)
    • Dishwasher (built-in or portable)
    • Kitchen sink (single or double basin)
    • Trash compactor (if applicable)
    • Stove or range (gas or electric)
    • Cooktop (gas or electric)
    • Microwave Oven (countertop or built-in)
  1. Specialty Appliances
    • Wine cooler or wine cellar
    • Beverage refrigerator
    • Ice Maker
    • Built-in coffee system
    • Steam oven
    • Warming drawer
    • Deep fryer
    • Pizza oven
  2. Ventilation
    • Range hood or vent hood (above the stove)
    • Exhaust fan or ventilation system
  1. Tableware and Dining Essentials:
    • China/crystal
    • Glassware
    • Pots/ pans
    • Table linens
    • Window Treatment
  2. Decor and Accessories:
    • Wall art and paintings
    • Mirrors
    • Decorative items (e.g., vases, sculptures, figurines)
    • Indoor plants and planters
    • Window Treatment (e.g., curtains or blinds)
    • Rugs or carpets

Remember to provide detailed information about each item, including brand names, models, purchase dates, and estimated values. Taking photographs or videos of the items can also be helpful for documentation purposes.



This content provides a general overview of common items found in a home’s room. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the presence or absence of specific items does not apply universally. It serves as a reference and starting point, not a comprehensive guide. Individual preferences and room variations should be considered when furnishing or decorating.

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