Home Maintenance Tips For Wise Homeowners

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A home is one of your most valuable possessions. In all honesty, the house you live in is probably the most expensive thing you’ve purchased in your life. That’s why as a smart homeowner, it’s important to care for and manage the upkeep in the best way possible. Doing things on a regular basis, annually, monthly, and before a vacation is very important.

You also need to take care of your investment by using the best home insurance providers to purchase a homeowners insurance policy. The best home insurance companies, like Orion180, will be upfront and transparent about all home insurance quotes. That way you’ll know exactly what is covered in the event of an emergency situation where your home or property is damaged or stolen. Being prepared is part of being a smart homeowner. Let’s look at some of the ways to ensure that your home is properly cared for all year long.

Make Your Home Secure

Criminal activity can take place anywhere, no matter how nice of a neighborhood you live in. That’s why it’s vital to protect your home with a smart home security system. That may include an alarm system, security cameras installed in multiple areas, and a panic button with immediate access to emergency services, like the police, fire, or medical personnel.

Having a high-tech and advanced security system in place for your home may also increase the value if you sell it. That’s just money in the bank to look forward to making in the future, if you decide to move.

In the meantime, you can save money on your homeowners insurance because insurance companies could potentially give you a discount on your policy with the right security system in place. Check with us at Orion180 Insurance Services  to see if you qualify for a discount on home insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Keep Up Annual Home Maintenance and Repair By Season

There are annual maintenance services that you need to perform around your home each season. During the spring, you want to focus on deep cleaning with traditional “spring cleaning” of your home. That could include things like scheduling an air conditioning cleaning in anticipation of summer, repairing damaged screens or windows, and touching up exterior paint.

During the summer months, you may want to do some extra landscaping or yard maintenance, inspect your basement for any leaks, and have a professional come by and spray for pest control.

In the fall, it’s time to clean those gutters once all the leaves have fallen off the trees. Getting rid of all the dirt and debris in those places will set you up for proper drainage during the rain, snow, and ice that comes in the winter.

For the winter months home maintenance tips include, focus on projects indoors, such as checking all plumbing for leaks, vacuuming out the air vents, and cleaning the kitchen’s exhaust hood and filters.

Make New Monthly Updates

Air FilterOn a monthly basis, you’ll want to change the air filters in your furnace and air conditioner. It’s important to make sure the drains are clean and sanitized in your kitchen. Baking soda and vinegar is a great way to flush out those toxins in the drain that build up and have a bad odor.

The US Fire Administration (USFA) recommends that monthly you test all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms by pressing the buttons on them and hearing the alarm ring. Keep in mind, the batteries need to be replaced only once or twice a year.

Before a Vacation, Make Time to Go Over Your Maintenance Checklist

There are quite a few things you should do to secure and protect your home before you go on vacation. Clean your house, empty the trash, and have your clothes put away. It’s so much nicer to come back to a clean home once you are done with a vacation.

Make sure that all your appliances are unplugged and turned off. You can set your lights on timers to give the appearance that someone is home at all times. Check all windows and doors to make sure they are locked when you leave.  If possible, install automatic water shut off valves or depending on the time of year, shut water off at the main valve to prevent water leaks while you are gone.

Don’t let the mail or newspaper pile up when you are gone because that’s a sure sign to potential thieves that you aren’t around. It’s easy to have a friend or neighbor pick those up for you, or call the post office to hold your mail while you are on vacation.

It is never a good idea to post your vacation plans on social media as it is a great tool for thieves to know when you will not be home.

Advice To Protect Your Home Investment With the Best Homeowners Insurance

Contact Orion180 insurance to get the best homeowners insurance to protect your investment. Hopefully, some of these home maintenance tips and suggestions are things that you are already doing around your home, but if not, it’s a great reminder on how to best care for the biggest investment you’ll ever own, your beautiful home as a smart homeowner.

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