Is Your Home Insurance Ready for Winter? Find the Coverage You Need

Preparing Your Home For Winter

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Homeowners face different challenges with every season as they try to make their homes comfortable and safe throughout the year. Winter proves especially tricky to prepare for since the conditions depend on the region. At Orion180, we want our customers to have a happy, protected winter season. As one of the best home insurance companies in the south, we provide you with the tips you need to keep your home in prime condition and your family safe this winter.

Preparing Your Home For Winter

Orion180 advises homeowners to follow these steps to ensure their home is ready for winter. This way, you can avoid common insurance claims made during the winter months and know what coverage you need for your home.

Clean Gutter

Care for Roof and Gutters to Prevent Problems

In the fall, you want to take time to inspect your roof for any damage or leaks. Gutters also require regular cleaning, with leaves, pine needles and debris causing dangerous build-up. If left clogged, gutters can pull away from your house, cause water damage, and grow mold. In addition, trapped water freezes during lower temperatures, making gutters heavy and more challenging to clean.

Inspect Windows and Doors for damage to Prepare Your Home

Homeowners insurance companies should advise their customers to weather-proof the exterior and interior of their homes for winter. This includes ensuring windows, doors, vents and other gaps don’t have leaks that cause drafts. Drafts will raise your heating bill, but leaks in windows and doors also prove dangerous for people who live in hurricane-prone areas. Use caulk or spray foam sealant to cover any leaks you find, and check if your doors and windows are made to withstand severe weather.

Get Supplies Needed for Sidewalks and Driveways

While experiencing snow and ice depends on your region, temperatures can dip quite low at night in most areas of the country. You want to watch out for any ice or snow on your driveway and sidewalk since both can cause accidents. Some insurance companies won’t cover you if someone suffers a fall on your sidewalk or driveway, and you could be liable for any injuries. To protect yourself from an unexpected insurance claim, shovel and salt icy outdoor surfaces.

Prepare Home Pipes and Exterior Water Sources Before Winter

Frozen Water Spigot

Freezing temperatures not only cause problems on sidewalks and driveways but can wreak havoc on your interior and exterior water systems as well. If you have exterior water spigots or sprinklers, you should turn off your water in the winter. Store any hoses or moveable sprinklers in a safe, dry space.

As for your interior pipes, they need proper insulation to keep them from freezing and bursting. Leaving a little water running, keeping kitchen and bathroom doors open for air circulation, and covering pipes with special insulation will all help prevent pipes from freezing.

What Is Covered by Your Insurance?

Beyond physically preparing your home for winter, you should verify the coverage offered by your home insurance provider. Southern states come with varying climates and conditions can fluctuate within the same week. The best home insurance providers protect their customers from the unexpected costs of insurance claims.

As fall settles in, review your homeowners insurance. Basic policies from homeowners insurance companies may not cover everything causing you concern. A standard policy should cover most damage to your home or belongings, including damage from fallen trees, snow, ice and rain, and frozen or burst pipes. However, some policies don’t cover damage caused by flooding, hurricanes, or owner negligence (like in vacation or seasonal homes).

If you worry about having the best homeowners insurance, Orion180 Insurance can help you feel more secure and give you some peace of mind.

Offering Customers the Best

As you prepare for the specific challenges of the winter months, Orion180 has your back. One of the leading insurance companies offering home insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, Orion180 insurance provides its customers with real support from real people.

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