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When will Non-Renewal Notices begin to go out for the Trisura backed Homeowner’s product?
Non-renewal notices will be sent effective 60 days prior to the policies expiration date with the first notices being sent on the 30th of January. 

What is the last day I will be able to quote the Trisura backed Homeowner’s inland product within MY180?
The last day you’ll be able to quote the Admitted product is 2/1/2023. Quotes submitted prior to this date will be honored for 60 days, or until 3/31/2023, whichever comes first. 

What will happen to my quotes in MY180 on 4/1/23 if there is any disruption?
All quotes will have an expiration date of 3/31/23. If there are any closings on the lender or real estate side delayed, you will not be able to adjust the effective date of the quote past 3/31/23. If we do not receive regulatory approval for our Admitted product (and Non-Admitted NC) in time to renew your policy, we kindly ask you find an alternate carrier. We will notify you when we are ready to begin quoting/binding again. 

Do I need to change my agency appointment to Orion180?
No, you will continue to produce through Orion180 Insurance Services, LLC. You should expect upcoming amendments to the commission schedules based on new product offerings within MY180.

When the new Orion180 Admitted paper gets approved in my state, will I be able to go in MY180 and offer a new quote if the policy has not already been sold?
Yes, you will have the ability to offer a new quote to your insured. 

If I can retain a customer through the transition and requote them under the new Orion180 Admitted paper, will this be considered a new business or renewal?
The quote will be considered new business. 

If I can retain a customer through the transition and I requote under your new Admitted paper, will you require a new inspection?
The quote will be considered new business. To ensure eligibility per the new guidelines, the insured will receive a link to our new virtual Home Assessment process which only takes 30-45 minutes to complete. 

Will the Orion180 Admitted product still allow us to quote risks that may have prior claims or older risks?
Yes, the filed Admitted product is very similar to the current Surplus Lines product. Please refer to the Agent Reference Guide in MY180 Document Library for specific questions you may have or reach out to your Territory Manager. 

Will there be any changes to the coverage when the Orion180 Admitted paper is available?
We are filing for the exact same coverage that is currently available. There should be no additional training needed for your teams. If there are any changes, we will notify you and make the information available in MY180 Document Library, the announcements sections and via email.

Are fees, payment schedules, or due dates changing?
You will notice a difference in policy fees; however, payment schedules and due dates will remain unchanged. 

How and when is Orion180 communicating these changes to the insureds?
Orion180 is communicating with the insureds 60 days prior to the renewal date. We are communicating with them via email explaining the transition and why their policy will not renew. In the email, we instruct them to contact you when they receive the official Non-Renewal Notice in the mail. You will also receive a copy of the email sent to your insureds. 

How will I know when your new Admitted product is available in my state?
The moment we receive regulatory approval, your Territory Manager will contact you and we will also notify you via email. 

Will this delay or transition affect my commission?
There is no impact on any existing commission structures.

Does this transition affect my commission?
There is no impact on any existing commission structures.

Why did Orion180 form an insurance company and transition their book from Trisura Specialty Insurance Company?
Since Orion180 was founded by our Founder and CEO, Ken Gregg, it was his plan to evolve from an MGA to a Carrier. It Enables Orion180 to control all aspects of the customer experience and reduces third-party expenses within the overall program resulting in the most competitive premiums for our customers. 

Does Orion180 have any issues internal or external we need to know about? Is Orion180 financially stable?
Orion180’s financial stability is stronger than any other year in its history. Our book of business surpasses 80,000 policies and over $150 million in premium. We have over 100 U.S.-based staff members, and in 2023 we are on schedule to introduce 10 new products while expanding to several new states. Furthermore, we enjoy the support of leading global reinsurers such as MunichRe, Everest Re, Lloyds and Arch Re, among others. 

Why is Orion180 not writing any new Admitted/Inland business starting in February? How long will this last? 
Originally, we were expecting to stop writing with Trisura as of March 31, 2023, but due to an unexpected change in our relationship, we are no longer offering any products underwritten by Trisura effective of 2.1.2023. We expect to receive regulatory approval of Orion180 Select Insurance Company starting in March (varies by state). For details, please visit Orion180Evolution.com. 

How will this affect my inbound call volume? Does Orion180 have staff prepped to help assist on the calls?
Orion180 is aware that the transition to our Admitted product will cause a strain on you and your customers. To facilitate the process, our teams are standing by ready to answer any questions you or your insureds may have. 

How can I get a list of policies that will be affected?
You can access your upcoming renewal quotes within your MY180 dashboard and may also reach out to your Territory Manager for a list of upcoming renewals. 

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