Orion180 Launches Mobile App Giving Agents Freedom to Quote, Bind and Manage Policies Anytime, Anywhere

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MELBOURNE, Fla., April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Orion180, announced today that it is launching a mobile app that will enable agents to facilitate real-time quoting and binding for home insurance policies anytime, anywhere. Orion180 is a homeowners insurance provider which leverages advanced proprietary technology to serve independent insurance agents in the Southeastern U.S. The app, one of the first in the industry to give agents the freedom to quote, bind and manage a policy while on the move, is now available through the Google and Apple app stores. 

Orion180’s new proprietary mobile app is one of the first in the industry that gives agents the freedom to write policies without being tied down to a desk. Through the app, agents can create quotes, search policies, review claims, and monitor overall activity. Agents can also search recent quotes by property or coverage type, as well as conduct a general search for quotes, and make claims on behalf of insureds.

“The insurance industry has traditionally been far behind the times when it comes to technology. It must adapt to the digital world in which we live. The old model is outdated, but resilient, so companies could overlook the need to change and adapt,” said Ken Gregg, CEO and Founder of Orion180. “But as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has realized that consumer behavior has shifted, and convenience, efficiency and simplicity are no longer a want, but a necessity. Insurance companies that adopt technology are poised to grow faster than those that do not. We’re proud to say that our advanced, proprietary technology has helped our agents with real-time quoting and binding.”

The app also allows Orion180 customers to review their coverage, make payments, and file claims. Homeowners can set up autopay profiles to simplify the payment process. The company plans to roll out additional features later in the year, including an AI chatbot and simplified messaging between agent and customer.

Headquartered in Florida, Orion180 operates in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia with plans to continue expanding in 2022. 

To learn about the unique features of this innovative app, and experience the future of the insurance space, visit here: https://orion180.com/my180-app/.  About Orion180: 

Orion180 is a technology-based insurance company, that utilizes cutting edge technology and couples it with team members who have a desire to serve and achieve. Their mission is to provide excellent, results-driven service to independent insurance agents that distances them from competitors, while simplifying the insurance industry for the uninitiated and cutting through the jargon.

Orion180 provides a combination of human interaction and unsurpassed technology, enabling real time quoting, binding, and issue functions in a matter of minutes. The company boasts products with an A- A.M. Best rating; meaning consumers are protected even for the most severe losses. Orion180 also prides itself on its strong community support program named Star Outreach Program. For more information visit https://orion180.com/community-involvement/.   Learn more at https://orion180.com/.

Orion 180 Media Contact:
Junie Lopez
VP, Marketing

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