What To Do If You Have A Homeowners Claim in Process

How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

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It should be simple to file and process a homeowner’s claim. Orion180 is a home insurance provider who also works through agents to simplify the claims process.

Home property owners in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee are able to process their insurance claims in just a few easy steps. Additionally, new states are always being added!

How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

O180_July_socgfx_P5_v1_PROOFMost home insurance claims involve water damage or roof damage. Natural disasters may cause extensive damage due to flooding or high winds.

The first step to take is to visit the Orion180 website and file an online claim at www.orion180.com. If your internet is not working, you can call us at 866.590.3550. You don’t have to call your agent — simply file your claim directly with Orion180’s insurance claims processing team.

Submit an Insurance Claim Online

Orion180 insurance holders fill out the online form with as much information as possible about the damage to your home. If possible, provide photographs or other evidence of the damage. It is essential to tell us if your home is livable and provide complete details of the damage. If your residence is not habitable, you may be eligible for additional funds to cover temporary housing and food costs.

Contact Orion180 Insurance Claims Experts

After submitting your property damage claim, contact Orion180 insurance experts to discuss your claim. They will explain how the claims process works. Our experts are friendly and want to help you resolve your claim as quickly as possible. They won’t leave you with unanswered questions and will keep you informed regularly.

Provide Your Homeowner Claim Details

Most homeowner insurance policies cover the replacement of your home and contents. It is crucial to provide a complete list of items that were lost or stolen. Some experts suggest taking photographs of your home’s contents in case of a future loss. That way, you don’t have to recall every item that was damaged or lost when you are under stress from a traumatic event.

Orion180 Assigns Claims Specialists

After submitting your claim details, Orion180 will assign a claims specialist to work with you to resolve your case. They will guide you through the claims process, help you understand what damage is covered, and what exemptions are in your insurance policy. Feel free to ask them any questions you may  have. They want to help you return to everyday life and restore your home to its condition before the incident.

Orion180 Will Provide Timely Updates

Your Orion180 claims specialist will work with you through the entire process and provide you with timely updates. Unlike many online insurance providers, Orion180 works with a network of local agents who know your hometown — they offer a local face and voice to help you purchase your insurance products. While Orion180 will process your claim directly, knowing you have a local agent to talk with is a nice benefit.

Our Goal Is Timely Insurance Claim Resolution

Orion180 is one of the best homeowner insurance providers in the southeast. We are a small, friendly company that cares about our customers and wants to make the insurance claims process as smooth as possible. We want your claim to be processed in a timely manner so you can repair or replace your home and get back to your everyday life.

About Orion180 Homeowners Insurance

Orion180 insurance group provides coverage throughout the southeastern United States. We are based in Melbourne, Florida and have plans to expand across the country rapidly. Homeowners can purchase policies online or through our network of independent insurance agencies in their hometown. Unlike other online providers, you can call us and talk to a live person. We make homeowners insurance simple. In addition to basic coverage, Orion180 provides liability coverage and the option to obtain additional benefits for living costs while your home is being repaired. We also offer discounts for certain customers, including members of the military, golden-agers, and people living in gated communities.

Contact Orion180 Today if you Need Advice as Homeowners

You can apply online and receive a quote in just minutes, not days. During the process, you can speak with a live person. Visit our website or call Orion180 at 866.590.3550. We look forward to talking with you!

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